Cheltenham Young Greens are a group of teachers, community organisers, customer service workers, and students.

We're all under 30, but feel about a thousand years old. We've been through two economic crises, geopolitical instability and civil uprisings throughout the world, a global pandemic... and all while watching the unravelling effects of climate breakdown.

What a time to be alive!

Right now, we've got everything to play for. We could win better working conditions for everybody, across social divides.

Heck, we can HEAL social divides - we can fight for equality and fairness, and make a world that's designed to help everyone flourish.

We can make better quality infrastructure and housing, and improve industrial standards. We can develop new ways to collect and recycle trash so it doesn't get into water systems and oceans. We can fix air quality, and provide free education.


We can create better democracies that are collaborative, not combative. We can rewild. We can regenerate. We can restore.

It's hard work but at least it's quite exciting. If you'd like to join us, come on in!