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Coronavirus Blues

These are difficult times. CYG have been working hard trying to support our local community as best we can.

We've been mostly cracking on as best we can, given nobody really knows what to do. Every day's been kind of weird. It's a time of buying baby food for young families, bringing meals to bereaved friends, adjusting to Zoom meetings, and speaking out for key workers.

Some of us are going on working as essential workers - from fourth emergency service workers, to food delivery drivers.

Aside from banging on pots and pans every Thursday night, we've been helping to contribute to PPE drives for our NHS, and resourcing fabric materials to make into washbags for staff with the amazing assistance of Cheltenham Covid19 Mutual Aid Group, who we've also been helping with leaflet coordination and supply distribution wherever we can.

Cheltenham Greens have been doing a bit of fundraising for Cheltenham Open Door and Gloucester Bike Project's key workers appeal, and it feels like it helps a little to try to do SOMETHING - whatever it might be.

Calling family members and friends who might be feeling isolated, checking in with our neighbours, making PPE and wearing facemasks to keep others safe, and maintaining social distancing all makes a big difference when we do it all together. We've just got to keep pushing.

We hope you're all staying well and coping all right with this chaos - our thoughts are with you.