About Cheltenham Young Greens!

The Young Greens have been at it six months so far, and we're making decent progress!

We've been litterpicking and delivering presentations on hedgehog health and safety.

We already have a parish councillor elected in Up Hatherley: Sam Hodges! She's already been coordinating tree planting efforts now she's finished her Master's degree in Renewable Energy. NOW SHE'LL BE UNSTOPPABLE


We're trying to fix the world while...trying to have a good time and live our lives. We even have karaoke nights sometimes!

We're basically just a passionate bunch of nerds who would like a decolonised regenerative economy divorced from unsustainable growth and human rights abuses, please, cheers.

If you like info and detail - check out Our Political Programme.

It's got everything we like and everything we want to do!