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Ellington Park: statement from Green Central Harbour Ward Cllr Becky Wing

04 Feb 2021

As Green Councillor for Central Harbour, I am the lone Green Councillor on Ramsgate Town Council and 1 of only 3 Green TDC Councillors. So I have an uphill task in raising environmental concerns. If you know me, you will know that the felling or loss of any of our habitat saddens me, and that […]

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Charlotte, the #outspokenblonde

Join us for an online vegan cook-along, 3 February at 18:00

29 Jan 2021

Are you vegan, or just vegan-curious? Want to try a new recipe? Join us for a fun vegan cook-along! We are very lucky to know the fabulous #theoutspokenblonde who certainly knows all about Vegan cooking. So please join us in ZOOM for a cook-along. Remember to grab the ingredients before the 3rd of Feb💚 The […]

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Two masked nurses with snack nags

Update on our community “snack bags for NHS staff” campaign

29 Jan 2021

Deb and Phil Shotton, Vice Chair and Policy Advisor respectively of Thanet Green Party, have an update on their community campaign to supply NHS snack bags to our hard working NHS staff: “First and foremost, a big shout out of thanks to those in our Thanet communities who have donated both time and money to […]

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Ramsgate Harbour Councillor Becky Wing

Covid-19 and the Government’s schools policy

07 Jan 2021

Thanet Green Party press statement, 3 January 2021 Thanet’s Green Councillors Becky Wing, Mike Garner and Trevor Roper are seriously alarmed by the confusion and harm being caused by the Government’s ill-considered schools policy in the face of the latest Covid-19 crisis. In a situation worsened both by the abject failure of the test-and-trace system […]

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Winter Green View: our autumn/winter newsletter

07 Jan 2021

Sadly, the impact of Covid prevented us from delivering our Autumn/ Winter Green View newsletter to every house & flat in Ramsgate as we’d planned – so here is a copy for those of you who didn’t receive one!  Our Spring newsletter will be out in February/ March, ongoing restrictions permitting.  To contribute an article […]

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Snack bag example with Just Giving logo

Snack bags for NHS heroes

07 Jan 2021

Thanet Green Party press release, 4 January 2021 Thanet Green Party Councillors and volunteers have collaborated with Our Kitchen in Ramsgate to bring snack bags to hard-pressed NHS staff working on the front line at Margate’s QEQM hospital. A source at East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust tells us: “This second wave has hit local […]

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Ramsgate Harbour lights

Little Lights – How a Community Made Christmas at Manston – by Katie Gerrard

07 Jan 2021

Over Christmas an undetermined number of lorries sat stationary at Manston Airfield and on the routes to the port of Dover. The port was closed for several days, re-opening too late for many of the stranded lorry drivers to get home for Christmas. On 22nd December Priti Patel claimed just shy of 900 lorries at […]

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Lorry queue at Manston

November Councillors’ update

04 Dec 2020

Welcome to a new feature on our website. Our busy Green local councillors will aim to bring you regular updates on their activities. Becky Wing (Ramsgate Central) has been very busy at Ramsgate Port and protesting tree-felling in Ellington Park and doesn’t have an update for us this week, but here are updates from Trevor […]

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Thanet Green Party response to Kent Draft Rail Strategy 2021

20 Nov 2020

Rail Policy: We strongly support the ambition to increase rail use, both for passenger and freight traffic, the plans to improve integration with other forms of transport and with EU rail services, and the commitment to increasing the network’s sustainability. We believe, however, that in the light of KCC’s climate emergency declaration the strategy is […]

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Full environmental impact assessment to be conducted for port berths extension

29 Oct 2020


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