Green local councillor appalled at money spent on Manston

Trevor Roper

Since August 2015, the Department for Transport has spent over £18 million of taxpayers' money on using Manston airport as a lorry park - much of it as part of Brexit preparations.

Trevor Roper, one of our Green local councillors, is shocked at the amount, especially considering how much Thanet District Council's budget has been cut.

He says, “We just passed our budget and we’ve just had to cut, cut, cut. Since 2010 our spending power has been reduced by 60 per cent - if they gave that amount of money to Thanet it would be lifechanging."

Read the full story in KentLive.

2 thoughts on “Green local councillor appalled at money spent on Manston

  1. Mr. Roper is knowingly comparing oranges with coconuts. As a councillor, he should be well aware that central government funds spent on national infrastructure, etc come from a completely different pot to that given to Local Authorities. To claim otherwise is both naive and disingenuous and, shows Green politicians in a bad light.
    I am and have been for the past forty years, way Greener in my life choices than most publicly avowed Greens. However, until the Green Party focuses meaningfully upon truly Green issues – private vehicle ownership, package holidays, ironing, understanding the correlation between petroleum and plastic production (fractional distillation), the “Beauty” industry etc; it’s chosen candidates will never get my vote. Ditch the L.G.B.T. and Women’s issues agenda and do what your name professes!

    1. Dear Mr. Webb, many thanks for your comment. We’re afraid you have misunderstood: nowhere in this extract does Trevor Roper suggest that funds from one pot can be moved to another. He was expressing the frustration we all feel that, at a time of unprecedented demand for local authority services, the Government apparently has funds for generous infrastructure spending while systematically cutting local authority funding.
      It is good to know you consider yourself Green in your lifestyle – however, anyone who suggests ‘Ditch the LGBT and Women’s issues agenda’ clearly has no understanding of what the Green Party is about. We are a party campaigning to eradicate social inequalities just as much as to combat climate change and protect the environment, so campaigning for the rights of LGBT people and women is central to our purpose. As our strapline suggests, we are ‘for the common good’.

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