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Less is more: how to be better off with a smaller economy

28 Jun 2020

The news that the UK economy shrank by over 20% in April has understandably caused great concern – yet already in mid-April only 9% of Britons responding to a YouGov poll said they actually wanted life post-Covid to return to what used to be “normal.” In this new report, Economics professor and Green Party Finance […]

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Katie Gerrard wearing a Green Party rosette

Newington Ward by-election: vote Katie Gerrard

08 Mar 2020

Local council by-election candidate for the Green Party, Katie Gerrard The Newington by-election has been postponed, due to coronavirus. Katie has lived in Newington for five years and has two children at local schools. She believes Newington needs a local candidate who knows the area and will work hard for what matters for Newington – […]

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Trevor Roper

Green local councillor appalled at money spent on Manston

08 Mar 2020

Since August 2015, the Department for Transport has spent over £18 million of taxpayers’ money on using Manston airport as a lorry park – much of it as part of Brexit preparations. Trevor Roper, one of our Green local councillors, is shocked at the amount, especially considering how much Thanet District Council’s budget has been […]

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Charlotte Barton with Green local councillors

Cliffsend and Pegwell by-election: second place for Charlotte

08 Mar 2020

Green candidate Charlotte Barton (second from right) with local councillors Mike Garner, Becky Wing and Trevor Roper At the Cliffsend and Pegwell by-election in Feruary 2020, our Green Party candidate Charlotte Barton came second, with 28.5% of the votes – our highest ever percentage result in Thanet. The full results were: Marc Rattigan, Conservative, 516 […]

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Victorian bandstand in Cliftonville

Please sign the petition: Margate and Cliftonville need a Town Council

10 Nov 2019

Thanet Green Party supports this petition making the case for a Town Council for Margate and Cliftonville. It fits in with our ethos of government happening at the most local possible level and we believe it could make a positive difference in Margate and Cliftonville. Please sign and share! […]

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Thanet Green Party press release 5 September 2019: Thanet needs help!

08 Sep 2019

A breakdown of trust TDC’s Protocol on Member-Officer Relations begins: “Mutual trust and respect between Members and Staff is at the heart of the Council’s good governance. Both are essential if the partnership necessary for the effective and efficient running of the Council is to succeed.” Yet amidst turmoil and mutual recrimination, trust between elected […]

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