Thanet Green Party team

In 2019, for the first time ever, we secured three Thanet Disctrict Council and two Town Council seats for the Green Party. Meet your Green Councillors:

Becky Wing

Becky is Thanet District Councillor for Central Harbour and Town Councillor for Ramsgate.

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Becky Wing at Ramsgate Harbour

I moved to Ramsgate in 2010 after falling in love with the place on trips abroad using the Sally Line. I’m originally from the East End, so a genuine DFL, but taught for 25 Years in Barnsley. I now work with Charlton Athletic Community Trust as a mentor for young people – our most valuable asset who are often ‘not heard’.

I chair Addington Street Community Group, which aims to bring the community together and support our small businesses. Like many others, I’m regularly out litter picking, helping paint our Victorian Shelters and planting bulbs.

As a working-class child who was able to access free education to become a teacher, I have a passion for education, which empowers and improves life chances.

As your Councillor, I put people and places first, working to ensure:

  • every penny TDC spends maximises benefits for residents
  • TDC finds creative ways to address the poverty and deprivation that blight the area
  • small businesses and our high streets are supported to grow
  • greater powers and funding are delegated to Town and Parish Councils
  • street cleaning and recycling are improved for a cleaner, greener town
  • a fair deal for Ramsgate, its people, places and assets: we are not for sale to the highest bidder!

Mike Garner

Mike is Thanet District Councillor for St Peters and Town Councillor for Broadstairs.

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Mike Garner

As your Councillor, I work hard to make sure the community of St Peters is listened to.

I came to live in St Peters with my wife Carole 3 1/2 years ago, and since retiring last year we've enjoyed becoming more involved in this friendly community.

I'm a volunteer for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, helping restore and create habitat for Kent's wild bees. I also have an allotment in Broadstairs.

I believe we must now put the environment at the heart of all our decisions, from the international to the local. I also believe we can find ways to improve public services rather than reduce them.

As your Councillor, my top priorities for St Peters are:

  • protecting and enhancing our green spaces
  • improving our public transport links
  • supporting all members of our village community.

Trevor Roper

Trevor Roper

I have lived in Minster for 26 years, after moving to the area to become Head of Design and Technology at Clarendon House School. Following 18 years in that role and before that a long career in a wide variety of schools, I am now retired.

I was the South Thanet Green Party Candidate at the 2017 General Election and have a keen interest in and knowledge of environmental issues and their implications – for example, for transport, renewable energy and recycling.

I have been active in opposing the development of Manston as a Cargo Hub Airport because the noise and air pollution produced would cause severe damage to the area. Instead, I believe that the site provides the ideal location for mixed-use development, thus avoiding thousands of houses being built on greenfield sites spread around the local villages.

As your Councillor, I work to:

  • promote open, transparent Council decision-making
  • defend health, education, housing and other public services from cuts
  • promote efficient, affordable public transport for the villages
  • protect our trees, green spaces and play areas
  • encourage more powers to be delegated to parish councils
  • secure better prospects for everyone – especially the elderly, young and vulnerable.